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Interested in environmental behavior change but not sure where to start? This self-paced course will walk you through a Behavior-Centered Design journey in a series of ten modules and prompt you to complete short exercises along the way. On your own time you’ll explore the eight steps of behavior-centered design, including framing an environmental challenge, gaining empathy with your target audience, connecting research data to behavioral insights, ideation and prototyping, and measuring the success of your behavioral intervention. You will gain a basic understanding of the levers of behavior change with which we design environmental solutions, such as emotional appeals, social influences, and choice architecture. Course registration also includes access to our monthly BE.Lab hours when you can ask your questions directly to a member of our team.   Course Rates and Coupon Codes Please use the coupon codes below at checkout. Type Rate Coupon Code Regular rate $125        N/A Non-Profit /Academic rate $75        BCD-SP-NP Note: If you cannot afford the registration price due to present hardship or have any questions about the training cost, please contact us at or submit a request directly via this form.   Read More

Thank you for joining the Webinar ‘Introduction to Behaviour-Centred Design Strategies for Sustainable Living.’ In this course, you'll start your behavior-centered design journey and begin to apply what you learned to your own work. Read More

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