Assessing Behavior Change Solutions

4 modules


Course Length
3 hours

Margaret Serranilla



About this course:

This course will provide tools and resources for Assess, one of the eight steps of the Behavior Centered Design (BCD) approach. Assess enables program designers and implementers to measure and report the effectiveness and impact of their behavior change solution.  


What you'll learn: 

  • The definition, purpose, and key components of the Assess step
  • How to use behaviorally-informed theories of change for enhanced monitoring and evaluation of behavior change solutions
  • How to develop indicators for assessing behavior change
  • How to plan for monitoring and evaluation of a behavior change solution 
  • Best practices for conducting monitoring and evaluation
  • Tools and templates for conducting the Assess step


What this course is not: 

This course is not a guide for monitoring and evaluating an entire environmental or conservation program.  It focuses instead on the behavior change components of an environmental program and how to monitor and evaluate them.  


Who will benefit:

This course provides a broad understanding of assessing behavior change solutions to help: 

  • Program managers, Project Managers, and Project Implementers manage and oversee monitoring and evaluation processes, make informed management decisions, aid problem-solving, and communicate with different stakeholders;

  • Program/Project Designers incorporate behaviorally informed assessment in project design; and

  • Funders make informed decisions regarding behavior change project proposals.


Prerequisite to this course:

Before taking this course, you must complete one of our courses on the Behavior-Centered Design (BCD) process. To do so, please select from one of these options: 


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Assess Course Certificate

Why Assess Is Important: An Introduction
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What to Assess: Creating A Behaviorally-informed Theory of Change
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How to Assess: Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)
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Application and Conclusion
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