Frequently Asked Questions

When/where will I access the live sessions?

  • If your training includes instructor-led sessions the live sessions will take place on Zoom. You can find the links on the course page once registered.

Is this training accessible for people in all timezones?

  • For the Behavior-Centered Design for the Environment course, we typically offer two options for the five live sessions. One recommend for participants in North America, South America, or some Europe/Africa timezones and another for Asia/Australia/Pacific participants.
  • For the Introduction to Behavior-Centered Design course the e-learning modules are available to you at any time to complete at your own pace.

For whom is this training designed?

  • Conservation and environmental practitioners
  • Program designers and policy staff
  • Current and future sustainability professionals

Why would a BCD training help me?

  • Behavior is at the root of both environmental problems and solutions
  • Strategies that incorporate human behavior can achieve larger and lasting impact
  • BCD holds the potential for unlocking fundraising opportunities
  • It provides a step-by-step process for identifying target behaviors and developing strategies to change them

What will I gain from the training?

  • Applicable skills and easy-to-use tools
  • Hands-on experience with a behavior-centered design process
  • A tutorial on Rare’s behavior change toolkit
  • A membership in a learning network of practitioners

Training Rates

Have questions about training costs?  Learn more about discounts and non-profit rates.

Are there any discounts for non-profits?

  • Yes! If you are employed by a non-profit or academic institution, please register at our reduced non-profit rate. You can find discounts and related coupon codes in the course description.

Are there any student discounts?

  • If you are a student and you have a real-world conservation challenge you'd like to workshop, please feel free to register at the non-profit rate or keep an eye out for future Behavior-Centered Design challenges.

Are there any deals for groups?

  • For the Behavior-Centered Design for the Environment course for every one registration you buy from your organization, a second person can attend for half off!

   I want to convince my boss or manager to attend this training. Any tips?

I don't see different pricing options. How do I receive the discounted rate at checkout?

  • You can find discount codes related to specific rates in the course description. Simply copy and paste the related code to have your total adjusted.

If you cannot afford the registration price due to present hardship or have any questions about the training cost, please contact us at or submit a request directly via this form. Requests for additional discounts are evaluated on an individual basis. We take into account financial need, the potential for impact, and access to opportunity.

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